Entry #1

Needing some new content up in this joint!

2014-12-19 21:49:23 by squiral

Hey guys! You don't usually hear from me, I am a zombie amongst the midst! Nevertheless here I am, posting to a blank fanbase! Besides the rambling, I am just posting reguarding all of your opinions; it is a new day, fresh equipment has been gathered and I am veering towards some fairly reputable skills! I just need ideas from my fellow 'fans', artists, musicians and audiences alike, to come up with a new song, setlist or any other collection of art.

I need to be thrown in the right direction that appeals to the common audience, so what I am proposing is: What do you what me to create? Are you a fan of my older music (pure guitar work/with a metal feel), more recent work (more vocal melodic) or purhaps a mix of both? Are there any famous video game songs you wish me to re-create? Any feedback will be taken seriously and considered thoroughly! Thank's for your help guys, Have a great Christmas!


- Nick


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